Creating a culture of excellence for our students.


Qazi Education Promoters (Pvt.) Ltd. (QEP) aims to produce young scholars for the nation through comprehensive expansion of individuals by providing quality education, brainstorming activities, experimental learning and ability to analyze things with different school of thoughts for the better future of the nation.

Core values:

Qazi Education Promoters (Pvt.) Ltd. integrates teaching, research and creative activities in an engaging, challenging and supportive learning environment to prepare productive citizens for Pakistan and the world. The basis of development of the plan is a set of values which are the fabric of the institution. The guiding values are:

  • We exercise high standards for learning, teaching and inquiry.
  • We provide a well – rounded education that integrates professional preparation and study in the arts and science with co-curricular involvement.
  • We demonstrate integrity through honesty, civility and fairness.
  • We embrace the diversity of individuals, ideas and expressions.
  • We foster personal growth within an environment in which every individual matter.
  • We uphold the responsibility of our students.


Qazi Pilot High School was established in 1987 and became a fastest growing educational network and trusted name in providing quality education. During this period, Qazi Pilot High School has gone far ahead and competing with various other reputable institutions in terms of both quality and quantity. Currently, it has Five branches with Eleven campuses, more than 9000 students are enrolled in these branches and hundreds of faculty members are providing their services for educating these students.

Qazi Pilot High School has made education affordable and accessible to all the students regardless of their socio-economic background. It has a sufficient strength to educate, train and equip the students with the knowledge and skills needed for their success.

During a short span of time, the continuous and concentrated efforts of the dedicated administrative staff and faculty members have developed Qazi Group of Schools into Qazi Education Promoters (Pvt.) Ltd. (QEP). For its academic excellence, QEP has formed strong foundations for a bright career for its alumni. The school has gone through a multidimensional growth in terms of number of students, number of faculty members and number of academic blocks.

Our intellectual alumni are now trustworthy and competent doctors, engineers, advocates, judges, professors, managers, businessmen etc. Prominent colleges prefer our students for further admissions even during studies as they keep in touch with us through various seminars and presentations. A large number of our students are studying in national and international universities after being evaluated by their skills on merit.