Announcement !

Principal's Message

Thank you for visiting our website.

Qazi Grammar Girls High School is an academic instituition established to meet the 21st century education at your door step. Rearing and nurturing this instituition ad bringing it to the age of maturity has been a task no easier than having brought up my own children, a route rich in challenges.

Qazi Grammar Girls High School is an academic instituition established to meet the sky scraping educational challenges of the new millenium with its cutting edge and innovative educational program.The Goal of Qazi Grammar Girls High School is to help today's children become truly kids and global citizens. Its teaching methodology, addresses this rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities. 21st century skills learned through our curricilum, which is interdisciplinary, integrated and intelligently designed, will prepare our young children to meet all modern challenges skillfully and confidently.

I want to convey my feelings to the community and assure them that I and my team of professionals will leave no stone unturned in maintaining and uplifting the Islamic and ethical values of our students along with imparting modern education to them. I sincerely undertake that I and my team will work round the clock in uplifting the education standard of he school and ultimately of the area. We plan and hope to make Qazi Grammar Girls High School a centre of excellence in all the aspects. In a nutshell, "Quality is not our goal, it is our Standard".

My Allah help us to continue our efforts to do more in the future! Ameen

Mrs. Asia Sardar